Digital Store

Save all your store products in your mobile,tab or laptop and create unlimited designs to attract more customers

Trendy Interiors

Search through trendy interiors of bathrooms, modular kitchens and living spaces designed by our experts


Visualize showroom products immersively through virtual reality

3D and Cloud

Access from anywhere. Provide instant presentations to your clients that too in 3D.


Buildcorner is creating smarter showrooms by easy and quick visualization of home furnishing products to their customers. Buildcorner has created an interactive 3D home solution for the home furnishing industry.Our clients across India are using our solution to eliminate the element of doubt from the customer's mind and increase their sales significantly.

Smart Display

We understand the importance of display on a customer's mind. We have created an interactive 3D software that runs pretty well on a 40 inch display TV as well as 30 inch touch table

Showcase each product

No restrictions on number of products that you list. You can upload your products easily and visualize it anywhere you want

Customer Engagement

Our designers are creating beautiful designs that customers would love to play with and spend more time on the shop floor.


Increase sales

Our clients have experienced that increasing shop floor time and providing the freedom to create their own desings results in a significant increase in their sales.

Reduce cost

Our product is bringing down designing costs yet giving opportunities to create beautiful displays. It is also reducing multiple visit to shops thus reducing customer travel/time costs.

Paperless Transaction

Bring transparency to your showrooms and remove the paper burden of multiple bills, multiple client requirements.


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